Year of Production:
US Distributor:
Political Thriller
Country of Origin:
Israel / Belgium / Germany
Hebrew / Arabic
Running Time:
99 mins.
Yuval Adler
Tsahi Halevi, Sahdi Marei, Haitham Omari
Talia Kleinhendler

Writers: Yuval Adler, Ali Waked

DoP: Yaron Scharf

Production Designer: Yoav Sinai

Costume Designer: Li Alembik

Makeup: Orly Ronen

BETHLEHEM tells the story of the unlikely bond between Razi, an Israeli secret service officer, and his Palestinian informant Sanfur.

Sanfur is the younger brother of a senior Palestinian militant. Razi recruited him when he was just 15, and developed a very close, almost fatherly relationship to him. Now 17, Sanfur tries to navigate between Razi’s demands and his loyalty to his brother, living a double life and lying to both.

When the Israeli secret service discovers how deeply involved Sanfur is in his brother’s activities, Razi is faced with an impossible dilemma.

Co-written by Yuval Adler, who also directed, and Ali Waked, an Arab journalist who spent years in the West Bank, and based on years of research, BETHLEHEM gives an unparalleled, authentic portrait of the complex reality behind the news.

"A terrific movie - kind of like a West Bank 'Wire'" - THE NYTIMES

"The razor-sharp cutting and canny handling of tension are reminiscent of Kathryn Bigelow, and there aren’t many higher compliments that could be paid for this kind of thing" - INDIE WIRE

“An impressive directorial debut for Adler who demonstrates a confident grasp of pace, place and thesp handling” - VARIETY

Don't miss BETHLEHEM, screening on November 16th at the UK Jewish Film Festival in London.

The director, Tsahi Halevi, will be there for a special Q&A.

Tickets can be bought here:...

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Movie goes behind the headlines to find the human costs

By Jay Stone, Postmedia News April 3, 2014
Photograph by: Mongrel Media , Postmedia News

Yuval Adler always wondered about the complications of the...

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James Adams

Published Thursday, Apr. 03 2014, 4:15 PM EDT
Last updated Thursday, Apr. 03 2014, 4:32 PM EDT

Superlatives can be tricky in journalism. Say someone or something is “the only” or “the first” or “the most” and...

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Hair-trigger thriller Bethlehem shows how Mideast hostilities are split along more than just Israeli-Palestinian lines.

By: Peter Howell Movie Critic, Published on Fri Apr 04 2014

3 stars

The most abiding...

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Like Polanski’s Chinatown, this film becomes a symbol of impenetrable tragedy

By Jay Stone, Postmedia News April 3, 2014

Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

When high-concept coincidence hits Hollywood, the big...

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by KEN EISNER on APR 2, 2014 at 1:01 PM

An Israeli bookend to the Palestinian-made Omar, Bethlehem has an almost identical plot: a young Palestinian gets drafted into informing for a cagey security officer, with a resulting familial...

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Danger zone

Stop me if you’ve heard this before: In this tense cat-and-mouse thriller set in the heart of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, an Arab teenager is thrust into a world of deception and...

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Middle East showdown: Yuval Adler’s ‘Bethlehem’ explores tense bond between Israeli agent and Palestinian informer

Feb 24, 2014 By Doris Toumarkine

Less is more in Bethlehem, Israeli filmmaker Yuval Adler’s slick...

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Diaphana released BETHLEHEM yesterday in France to great critical acclaim !

Le Monde calls it "A swift and powerful film".

Le Nouvel Observateur "An Authentic thriller!".

Liberation "Intelligent…a thriller...

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Foreign Language Oscar Preview: A Long List Of Strong Contenders For Such A Shortlist Of Possible Nominees

Last year, I offered up a preview of the 15 films that had the most buzz going into the unveiling of theForeign Language Oscar...

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The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not a conflict between ideologies, but the ideologies involved in it serve to camouflage a conflict between human beings. When the ideological camouflage is removed for a moment it turns out, alas, that it’s...

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“Bethlehem”, Israel’s Oscar selection for the Best Foreign Language Film Award, tells the story of the complex relationship between Razi, an Israeli Secret Service officer, and his teenage Palestinian informant Sanfur.

Sanfur is the...

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“Bethlehem”, Israel’s Oscar selection for the Best Foreign Language Film Award, tells the story of the complex relationship between Razi, an Israeli Secret Service officer, and his teenage Palestinian informant Sanfur.

Sanfur is the...

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I’ve finally seen Yuval Adler‘s Bethlehem, the winner of six Ophir awards (including Best Picture) as well as Israel’s Best Foreign Language Feature submission. It’s a lucid, tightly wound thriller that regards the Israeli-Palestinian conflict...

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The Yuval Adler-directed thriller centers on a young Palestinian man recruited as an informant by an Israeli secret service operator.

Bethlehem will represent Israel in its 46th year vying for the foreign language Oscar. The espionage...

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15 years after deciding to be a filmmaker, Adler has finally released his debut feature, 'Bethlehem.' The result, say more than a few critics, is one of the most powerful Israeli films ever made.

By Mike Dagan | Sep. 27,...

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Adopt Films has acquired all US rights to Yuval Adler’s debut Bethlehem, nominated last month for 12 Israeli Academy Awards (Ophir Awards).

The film premiered at Venice and Toronto and tells of a Palestinian informant who walks a fine line...

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La Belle Vie gets special mention and wins Europa Cinemas Label.

Espionage drama Bethlehem, from Israel’s Yuval Adler, has picked up the top prize in the Venice Days section of the 70th Venice Film Festival.

The winner was announced...

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Films in Venice portray hope, hurdles for Jewish-Palestinian ties

By Michael Roddy

(Reuters) - In Amos Gitai's film "Ana Arabia", premiered in Venice this week, a Palestinian whose late wife was an Auschwitz...

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FEINBERG FORECAST: The Oscar Landscape After Telluride, Before Toronto and New York

9:00 AM PDT 9/4/2013 by Scott Feinberg

THR's awards analyst has just returned from the Telluride Film Festival, where he saw 13...

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Bethlehem – Yuval Adler
Section: Discovery
Dates: Monday 9th, Wednesday 11th, Sunday 15th

Buzz: While a novice at directing (this is his first feature), Yuval Adler’s rumoured stint working for the Israeli Secret Service has...

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This tightly wound clock-ticking thriller examines the Arab-Israeli conflict to impressive effect.

Debuting Israeli writer-helmer Yuval Adler and Palestinian co-scripter Ali Waked combine forces and their own intimate knowledge of the...

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Israeli director Yuval Adler and Palestinian co-writer Ali Waked say they have won praise for their film "Bethlehem," which takes a street view of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, from people on both sides — for them evidence the film succeeded...

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With the Venice Film Festival opening today, Robbie Collin picks the films likely to cause a stir.

Bethlehem (Yuval Adler)

Listen carefully enough in the weeks before any film festival and you always hear whispers...

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Venice has welcomed Israeli films into its line up many times over the last few years: tank-bound war film “Lebanon” was a Golden Lion-winner a few years back, and last year saw “Fill The Void” become something of a crowd-pleaser at the festival...

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While Hollywood always tends to flex its muscle at film festivals, packing red carpets with stars, and dominating headlines with highly anticipated movies, the pleasure of hitting places like Venice and Toronto is discovering hidden gems, or...

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2013 Ophir nominations announced - snubs and all

While once the Ophirs were of little significance outside of the local filmmaking community, they have taken on more significance in recent years.

The nominations...

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All quiet on the West Bank front, for now

'A new Israeli movie,'Bethlehem,’ is a gripping drama set during the darkest days of the second intifada. Anyone watching it will hope those days never return, but the renewed...

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WestEnd picks up debut about a complex relationship between an Israeli secret services agent and a Palestinian teenager.
UK sales outfit WestEnd Films has acquired Israeli political thriller Bethlehem, Yuval Adler’s debut about a complex...

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Adopt Films
March 7, 2014

French Release
February 19, 2014


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