Drama, Thriller | 2010 | UK | 98 mins | English

Directed by

Hideo Nakata


Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Imogen Poots, Matthew Beard, Hannah Murray, Daniel Kaluuya


Laura Hastings-Smith, Alison Owen, Paul Trijbits


When Jim, Eva, Emily and Mo meet William online, they're seduced by his charisma. But William isn't what he seems. He's calculating and manipulative and doesn't have their time for people in the real world. Jim is vulnerable and he has no idea how dangerous his new friendship with William will be...

When Jim confesses he's on anti-depressants, William vows to help Jim off his drugs, and the rest of the group fall in line. What begins as friendly advice becomes twisted and Eva and Mo realise the deadly game William's playing.

Fantasy meets reality when William and Jim finally come face to face. Without the faceless security of the online world, everything becomes real. It's now a race against time to save Jim, but the clock is ticking....and we fear someone must die.

"...this smart psychological thriller is so freaky, it'll leave you wondering if it's time to give up your Facebook account..." - BLISS
"A delightfully tense hour and a half..." - DIGITAL SPY