City Island

Comedy | 2009 | US | 100 mins | English

Directed by

Raymond De Felitta


Andy Garcia, Julianna Margulies, Emily Mortimer


Lauren Versel


Like most of us, the Rizzo family have secrets.

Dad Vince won't admit that poker night is in fact acting class, his daughter Vivian pole-dances when she's supposed to be in college, and his son has a fetish that involves a 24-hour webcam and the family's 300-pound neighbour. But when an illegitimate son appears out of the blue, Vince realises he has bigger things to hide.

City Island is a funny, touching and smart family tale about the secrets of the past catching up with the lies of the present, and accepting that nobody's perfect - least of all your loved ones.

"Andy Garcia, showing an untapped flair for comedy, gives one of his best and most beguiling performances" - ROLLING STONE