Drama | 2013 | US | 117 mins | English

Directed by

David Gordon Green


Nicolas Cage, Tye Sheridan


Lisa Muskat, Worldview Entertainment


Joe Ransom drinks hard and lives tough. His daily routines provide glimpses of a failed marriage, abandoned children and relations that often do not resemble romance.

Despite his irresponsibility, Joe works around the clock and has a sleepy charm about him. We meet him as he takes on the job of clearing a forest of trees one by one.

During his time in this forest Joe comes across a 15-year-old, Gary and his recklessly alcoholic father, Wade. Gary is a boy who is at that age where he can grow “good” if he just escapes his father’s abusive grasp. Joe takes him on as a worker and the two prove to be kindred spirits.

Together they navigate this gritty world of characters. Lonely nights, hard sweaty work, first time beers and drunken men with shotguns are the ingredients in this Southern tale of redemption. Joe is the story of the last hold-out of the cowboy age, when it was okay to shoot up a bar room or tell a lady what to do.

Based on the novel by Larry Brown