Old Boys

Comedy | 2017 | UK, Sweden | 96 mins | English

Directed by

Toby MacDonald


Alex Lawther, Pauline Etienne, Jonah Hauer-King, Denis Ménochet


Luke Morris


‘Survival of the fittest’ is the philosophy at all-boys English boarding school Caldermount. If you’re not the strong athletic type, you’re a nobody. No one knows this better than nerdy Amberson, who’s been at the bottom of the school’s social ladder since he can remember.

When the French teacher’s fiery daughter Agnes arrives, Amberson’s life is turned upside down. He suddenly finds himself playing matchmaker for Winchester, the school’s popular sporting hero. Winchester definitely has the looks to win Agnes over but Amberson has the wits.

Will Amberson have the courage to reveal himself to her and stand up for who he really is?