Sweet and Lowdown

Comedy, Woody Allen | 1999 | US | 95 mins | English

Directed by

Woody Allen


Sean Penn, Uma Thurman, Samantha Morton


Jean Doumanian


Woody Allen's SWEET AND LOWDOWN is a fanciful and fictional biopic of a legendary jazz guitarist, Emmet Ray, who clashed with lovers, gangsters, musicians and success itself in the 1930's Jazz scene.

Sean Penn stars as the fictional musical genius who during the Swing Era was on his way up but could never settle down and who forever stood in the shadow of his singular hero, the profoundly passionate Django Reinhardt.

"This is one very tuneful labor of love" - NEW YORK TIMES

"Fantastic performances from Penn and Morton ignite this bittersweet comedy" - EMPIRE

"...the music delicious, the performances terrific. Penn, particularly, is a joy to behold" - TIME OUT LONDON