The Rough South of Larry Brown

Documentary | 2002 | US | 79 mins | English

Directed by

Gary Hawkins


Paul Schneider, Will Patton, Natalie Canerday


Sam Froelich, James Marcovitz, Lisa Muskat


The film which inspired 1st Assistant Director David Gordon Green to direct the feature adaptation of Brown's novel JOE in 2012.

THE ROUGH SOUTH OF LARRY BROWN weaves interviews of Brown and his wife, Mary Annie, with narrative adaptations of three of his short stories. The result is a unique and compelling examination of the life and works of the late author. THE ROUGH SOUTH OF LARRY BROWN is a rich exploration of the writer behind the words and the woman behind the man.

"A beautifully conceived documentary inquiry" - Variety

"…as colorful and evocative as [Brown’s] gritty literary milieu" - The Hollywood Reporter