Wild Man Blues

Documentary, Woody Allen | 1997 | US | 105 mins | English

Directed by

Barbara Kopple


Woody Allen, Soon Yi Previn, Letty Aronson


Jean Doumanian


WILD MAN BLUES is a feature length documentary about Woody Allen and his New Orleans-style jazz band, filmed during his recent European tour.

"Like taking a bath in honey" is how the acclaimed filmmaker and clarinettist describes the music that has remained his passion since childhood.

As Allen and his band take the stage and play before adoring audiences in seven countries and eighteen cities, the film captures the energy and passion of these performances. The film also reveals Allen in more private moments, as he fends off overzealous fans and paparazzi and struggles with the Felliniesque carnival of celebrity that surrounds him.

In the protective privacy of Europe's splendid hotels, accompanied by his sister, Letty Aronson and girlfriend, Soon Yi Previn, and other friends, Allen displays his signature humour and reveals - in addition to his obsessions and neuroses - the private person behind the public persona.