Albatross WeLove Stamp

Drama, Comedy | 2011 | UK | 87 mins | English

Directed by

Niall MacCormick


Sebastian Koch, Julia Ormond, Felicity Jones, Jessica Brown Findlay


Adrian Sturges


The Cliff House Hotel: Beth Fisher is cramming for her exams in desperation to escape to university, dad Jonathan, once the bright young thing of the literary world, is suffering from writer's block. Wife Joa runs their hotel but resents it, him and everyone around her as she gave up her promising career as an actress for this.

Their world is soon turned upside down when seventeen-year-old aspiring writer Emelia starts a new job at the hotel. Building a friendship with Beth and embarking on a love affair with Jonathan, secrets are revealed and relationships explode as the threads of the story collide and unravel. Can Emelia get rid of the Albatross that hangs around her neck and rewrite herself?