Night & Day WeLove Stamp

Comedy, Romance | Germany, Ireland, UK | English

Directed by

Tina Gharavi


Haley Bennett, Elyas M'Barek, Timothy Spall, Jack Farthing, Jennifer Saunders


Meg Thomson, Justine Wadell, Christopher Figg, Evan Horan, Philippe Steffens, Julie Link


Justine Wadell, Virginia Woolf (based on novel by)


Based on Virginia Woolf’s funniest novel, Night & Day is an un-romantic comedy about a passionate astronomer Katharine Hilbery who does everything she can to avoid romantic love and marriage. Fun and contemporary in tone, this refreshing film showcases an ensemble of humourous performances against the ravishing backdrop of London in 1910, advances in science and technology and crumbling Edwardian patriarchy. Virginia’s story is as relevant to today as it ever was: women balancing romantic love with careers!