The Sweet Life WeLove Stamp

Romance | 2016 | US | 92 mins | English

Directed by

Rob Spera


Chris Messina, Abigail Spencer, Maggie Siff, Tyson Ritter


Bonnie Curtis, Julie Lynn


Kenny (Chris Messina) is a disillusioned ice cream vendor in Chicago with a crisp white uniform and an apathetic heart. One night he meets Lolita (Abigail Spencer), a sharp-tongued, violet-haired young woman with nothing to lose. It turns out they have the same therapist - who apparently isn’t getting the job done. Though they don’t agree on much, they concur that life has little left to offer them and so they make a pact to journey to San Francisco, where they will jump off the Golden Gate Bridge together.

During their road trip, a series of mishaps and misadventures ensue, involving stolen cars, failed attempts at felonies, unexpected encounters with hitchhikers and accidentally saving lives. As Kenny and Lolita’s relationship deepens and their destination comes into view, they begin, reluctantly, and certainly without having had proper practice in the art, to discover the prospect of love, and find that maybe they do have something to live for after all.

THE SWEET LIFE is a touching and endearing film about knowing when to let go and when to hold on.