The Disappearance of Alice Creed

Crime, Thriller | 2009 | UK | 96 Mins | English

Directed by J Blakeson

Cast: Gemma Arterton, Eddie Marsan, Martin Compston

Producer: Adrian Sturges

96 Mins Minutes



On a quiet suburban street, two masked men seize a young woman. She is thrown into a van, bound and gagged and taken to an abandoned, soundproofed apartment. She is Alice Creed, daughter of a millionaire.

Her kidnappers, the coldly efficient Vic and his younger accomplice Danny, have worked out a meticulous plan. There is no room for error. But Alice is not going to play the perfect victim. She’s not giving in without a fight. And the stress of the kidnap is getting to Danny, who seems obsessed with Alice.

As the kidnap plan plays out, there are double-crosses, dangerous mistakes and revelations. And we discover that Vic, Danny and Alice are not quite as they seem. Each has a plan, a secret and an agenda. And as the plan heads towards its climax Vic, Danny and Alice are caught up in a tense power-play of greed, deception and survival.

"...Blakeson's first feature recalls another British debut, Danny Boyle's SHALLOW GRAVE." - THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

"A proper nail biter." - EMPIRE