Little Birds

Drama | 2011 | US | 96 Mins | English

Directed by Elgin James

Cast: Juno Temple, Kay Panabaker, Kate Bosworth, Leslie Mann

Producers: Jamie Patricof, Alan Polsky, Gabe Polsky

96 Mins Minutes



LITTLE BIRDS is the story of Alison and Lily, two idealistic young girls living in a dead end seaside town. Lily is a beautiful, fiery force of nature who doesn't suffer fools gladly. Alison is her shy best friend, who always takes the back seat and looks up to her more charismatic friend.

Uninspired by their surroundings, their peers, the adults they know, they dream of escaping. Their imaginations are what distracts them from the pain of their broken families and the world that they think doesn't understand them.

So when an opportunity arrives to run away to LA with a group of handsome, older street boys, Lily is desperate to go. The more cautious Alison is worried about the danger they could be putting themselves in, but is overruled by her headstrong friend - who is already in love with one of the boys.

The girls run away from home and straight into a lawless world. But will they, and their friendship, survive their new freedom?

"Poignantly captures teenage tension." - THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER