Small Time Crooks

Comedy, Woody Allen | 2000 | US | 94 Mins | English

Directed by Woody Allen

Cast: Hugh Grant, Tracey Ullman, Michael Rapaport

Producer: Jean Doumanian

94 Mins Minutes



Woody Allen's star-powered comedy follows the misadventures of dishwasher and small-fry criminal Ray and his manicurist wife.

When Ray hits on a plan with his partners in crime to re-open a local pizza place and dig through to the bank down the street their get-rich-quick scheme leaves the characters rolling in dough--but not the kind they had in mind.

"A pleasantly surprising little treat." - NEW YORK TIMES

"There seems to be no end to Woody Allen’s inspiration for unexpected and laugh-out-loud funniness, both visual and verbal." - EMPIRE

"Breezy, enjoyable romp..." - VARIETY