The Cow

Comedy | English

Directed by

Marc Forster


Ewan McGregor


Eric Kopeloff, Renee Wolfe, Ludi Boeken, Linda Lichter, Marc Forster


1940, World War II. Charlie Granger is an American pilot who joined the UK Royal Air Force and is flying bomber missions until he is shot down over Germany.

Captured alongside other prisoners of war to be used as farm labour, Granger hatches a plan to steal a cow from the farm and use it as a clever decoy to escape from the enemy. Armed with a fake pass and his stubborn bovine companion - Marguerite - Granger slips out of the farm and sets out in the direction of France.

With two hundred miles to go, this odd couple’s epic journey finds them negotiating a variety of obstacles from inhospitable terrain and weather to a battalion of German soldiers, and even an amorous bull. Through their adventures together, Marguerite becomes Granger’s rescuer, confidant and companion. And as their journey nears its end, Granger faces a decision: follow an easy final path to freedom that will abandon Marguerite to certain death or save the animal who saved him?