Valley of Tears

Drama | 2020 | Israel | 10 x 45 mins | Hebrew, English

Directed by

Yaron Zilberman


Lior Ashkenazi, Aviv Alush, Lee Biran, Shahar Taboch, Joy Rieger, Ofer Hayoun


David Betzer, Sharon Harel-Cohen, Maya Amsellem, Moshe Edery


Ron Leshem & Amit Cohen


VALLEY OF YEARS is a harrowing, ten-episode limited drama series based on the true events of the 1973 Yom Kippur War in Israel. Leading up to the ultimate battle, the series follows young combatants thrust into a war that was later revealed could have been avoided by an arrogant political system and by leaders they blindly trusted.

The series focuses on the universality of heroism and sacrifice through four unique and intertwined stories: a famous bohemian television star in search of his estranged son, a newly enlisted soldier; a commander and his newly befriended intelligence analyst; tank crewman who represent Israel’s Black Panthers social justice reform movement; and a female officer who refuses to leave the battlefields, disobeying direct orders to evacuate. Shot at the actual location of the war, these intimate portraitures highlight the tension, anxieties and sentiments of the country’s people through a magnified lens, with the unprecedented outcome of an unlikely victory.